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Marquette - 4Q2023 Market Update Thumbnail

Marquette - 4Q2023 Market Update

Happy Spring! We normally wouldn’t utter those words in February, but we Midwesterners are having an unseasonably warm “winter” this year.  We hope your 2024 is off to a good start. 

 Despite the uncertainties the stock market faced last year, it showed remarkable resilience. U.S. Stocks performed very well in 2023. The S&P 500 Index closed the year up more than 20%, which is well above its long-term annual average return of +10.3%. Much of this growth was attributable to the strong performance of a handful of technology stocks.  

 Looking ahead, the upcoming election year brings its own set of opportunities and challenges. As we navigate through 2024, it is important to maintain a long-term perspective.  History has shown us that the market has a knack for adapting and finding its way amidst the political circus.

 There are a few things to remember when it comes to the stock market and election years. It is difficult to identify any systematic return patterns in election years.  On average, market returns have been positive both in election years and the subsequent year. 

And over the years, stocks have rewarded disciplined investors for decades, through both Democratic and Republican presidencies:

Investing is a long-term game, and it's important not to let short-term political noise cloud your judgment. Market moves are more likely to be driven by market fundamentals, such as corporate earnings, interest rates and other economic factors.

 Please reach out if you have any questions, would like to schedule an investment review, or if anything has materially changed in your personal financial situation. 

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