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Individuals Minneapolis, MN Marquette Wealth Management


We believe client relationships should be personal, not just transactional, which is why we tailor investment management services specifically to each individual’s unique needs. Our services are designed to help you manage cash flow, implement stock option strategies, minimize income taxes, plan for retirement, customize your investment portfolio and leave a legacy.


It is not easy balancing work, family, and your finances. It’s hard enough to figure out the right investment plan that will set you up for an ample retirement, let alone make sure you are handling everything in a most tax efficient way. You would also like to help your kids pay for school down the road. And then there is insurance and estate planning. Let us take some of the burden off your shoulders and look at your specific scenarios holistically.

Families Minneapolis, MN Marquette Wealth Management
Entrepreneurs and Business Owners Minneapolis, MN Marquette Wealth Management

Entrepreneurs & Business Owners

Building and maintaining a successful company takes time and dedication. Our relationship-based approach to serving our clients addresses the lifecycle needs of a business owner. We help you prepare for the future while you are busy running your business today.

Multi-Generational Families

Our comprehensive resources and innate desire to serve allows us to give advice that is objective and focused on multi-generational best interests. Our approach doesn't just focus on managing assets, it also accounts for the legacy you wish to build. The shared experiences we have from working with other families brings us a distinctive perspective that creates a service experience that is informed, yet personal.

Multi-Generational Families Minneapolis, MN Marquette Wealth Management
Clients in transition Minneapolis, MN Marquette Wealth Management

Clients in Transition

Life serves up many twists and turns which can significantly affect your finances. These shifting circumstances bring new opportunities. As your life changes, so will your goals, needs and priorities. We focus on helping our clients navigate through transitions such as retirement, divorce, death of a spouse or selling of a business.

Young Professionals

With our financial knowledge and experience with young professionals, we offer you not only financial guidance and advice, but also the support and accountability you need to stay on track. We seek to educate you and share key financial considerations that can assist in the many financial decisions you will have to make over the course of your life. 

young Professionals Minneapolis, MN Marquette Wealth Management

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