Our Process

An ongoing focus on your goals

Our dynamic process allows us to adapt readily to changes in your unique life circumstances.

As your goals, investment time horizon, and risk tolerance change, we adjust accordingly.

We apply asset-class investing to your unique situation and bring objectivity and discipline to bear on your financial decisions. This is our value proposition and what differentiates us in our industry.

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Our dynamic process

1. Understand Your Current Circumstances

We work with you to fine-tune our understanding of your evolving objectives, cash-flow and liquidity needs, estate-planning goals, and risk tolerance.

2. Design Your Optimal Strategy

We examine your circumstances by considering financial, estate, tax, and other concerns. We use reliable modeling tools to analyze the likelihood that a given portfolio strategy will meet your individual financial goals.

You can view the outcomes of various strategies and the effects of small changes in asset allocation, savings rates, and withdrawal rates on the prospects of success.

3. Formalize Your Investment Policy

Before allocating any assets, we create a customized Investment Policy Statement for you to review and accept.

Your Investment Policy Statement defines your goals, identifies the asset classes to be used, and details how progress will be evaluated.

4. Implement Your Investment Policy

We execute our strategy and manage the transition of your investments while always being conscious of potential tax ramifications.

5. Monitoring and Supervising Your Portfolio

We oversee the management of your portfolio. We measure performance and keep track of your evolving needs and goals. Using this information, we regularly review your Investment Policy Statement with you to ensure that your asset allocation remains on target.

Why our process works

Our process is an ongoing cycle that is always:

  • Insightful — The process starts with an understanding of your individual financial situation.
  • Disciplined — We manage your investments consistently over the long term.
  • Balanced — We seek investment returns commensurate with your risk tolerance and return objectives.
  • Coordinated — Our strategy is tax efficient and aligned with your financial and estate-planning goals.
  • Straightforward — Performance reporting is transparent and concise.
  • Accessible — Your local account team is always available for calls and meetings.
  • Independent — We compensate employees according to how well we achieve your needs and goals, not on commissions or sales incentives.