Wealth Management

Investment Management Services

Objective, expert investment advice and financial planning support.

We listen carefully to understand your evolving circumstances, needs, time horizon, and risk tolerance before making investment decisions. We seek to optimize your returns at the most suitable level of risk through a consistent, long-term approach.

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Our investment services

A dynamic approach:

  • Assessment — We evaluate your life circumstances, financial needs, investment and estate-planning goals, and objective and subjective tolerance for risk.
  • Portfolio optimization — With your goals and constraints in mind, we determine the optimal asset allocation and diversification for your portfolio.
  • Investment Policy Statement — We develop an Investment Policy Statement for your review and approval that defines and identifies your acceptable levels of risk, your target asset allocation, and appropriate asset classes for inclusion in your portfolio. We also establish performance benchmarks for your investments.
  • Implementation — We execute on the strategies defined in your Investment Policy Statement. Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. is our customary provider for independent custodial, operating, and trading support.
  • Monitoring and supervision — We monitor your portfolio’s performance and keep you informed.

Our investment principles

A set of proven principles guide our decisions:

Our philosophy involves allocating your assets among a mix of asset classes based on objective academic principles that recognize the interactions among their different risk and reward characteristics. The potential for a higher return is the reward for taking greater risk.

1. Keep costs low.

Costs can reduce net returns. We hold low-cost funds that minimize the drag on returns.

2. Diversify systematically.

Wise diversification of your portfolio supports more stable outcomes. We allocate your assets among a globally diversified mix of investments.

3. Apply discipline to maintain asset allocation.

Disciplined investing means looking beyond today’s concerns to the long-term growth potential of markets. We identify optimal asset allocation given your situation and apply discipline to maintain optimal allocation over time.

4. Stay accountable.

Accountability builds trust. We measure the performance of your portfolio against industry-recognized benchmarks, and we provide transparent performance reporting net of all fees.

5. Think long-term.

We put the markets to work for you by focusing systematically on sources of higher expected returns, not stock-picking or market timing.